Create an additional topic type for Tips and Tricks

We have, Praise, Problems, Ideas and Questions. What about a category for people to share ‘Tips and Tricks?’ I am sure there is a lot of interesting things that people do with the software that many of us have not thought of.

Yes, this would be a great option if you’ll allow us to.

Perhaps a Wiki-like manual/tutorial with a Tips&Tricks section?

I was thinking maybe as the users we create a wiki page for at least a basic manual. There are a lot of similar first timer question out there that could be tackled. It is kind of baffling why Algoriddim has not done a basic getting started tutorial. Maybe they have and I just did not see it. Any way I like your idea too

I would say the line is even thinner between updates and tricks and tips. Also updates appears to have nothing in it. Why not repurpose it? If an update comes put it in tricks and tips. Maybe call the catigory “updates tricks and tips”.

You are not using the updates category even though you just released an update. Seems you could just rename that

Hi guys,

the problem is that we can not add a new forum section due to the existing ones, also the line between tips & tricks and question is very thin.

Nevertheless if you want to share your mixing routines or tricks with other users we are very thankful for you to do so.

Marking the caption of the thread would be an option like “[Tips & Tricks] …”.

Would that be an option?

Lukas E.

Problem is that these topics are set and can not be changed.

Lukas E.

Good suggestion. I’m sure there are lots of tricks and tips to be learnt.