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I have moved from Mac to Windows, and I have the DJay Pro installed on Windows, but I see a lot of deferences that I don’t like.

For example, you cannot create a playlist directly, as read in the manual it has to be through Windows Media Player or Groove Music.

I’ve tried like this, but I can’t drag songs to WMP or GM. I have made a test in a more rudimentary way, and Djay Pro does not recognize me the playlists created in WMP or GM, so then, how can you create playlists?

On the Mac, it was very easy to drag from another program like Traktor or Engine Prime.


Hi @Edu_Mico_Reyes,

Thanks for bringing this up. In order to access your playlists via the Music library source in djay Pro, you would need to create playlists using Windows Media Player.

I’m really sorry for the confusion, as the information provided in our user manual is currently incorrect. Playlists created in Groove Music cannot be accessed in djay. Thanks for bringing this to our attention so we can update the manual with the correct information.

If you’re finding it frustrating to use Windows Media Player in this way, have you already tried using the Explorer library source in djay Pro to add folders of your tracks? Perhaps this method would work better for accessing your songs, depending on how you’re currently storing them.

As all of our apps are designed and developed separately for the individual platforms (e.g., Mac, Windows, etc.), you will find differences between them. Please note that we’re aiming for future parity between our djay apps across platforms, and we do appreciate your feedback and suggestions about what you’d like to see improved in any of our apps.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if I can help further.


Well, it doesn’t work with Windows Media Player either … as I said before.

What I have done has been to install iTunes, and then with iTunes it does work … although it is much more laborious to do it like that, not when I had it with the Mac, which was only dragging …

Thanks also!

I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work using Windows Media Player (WMP) either on your PC. As we haven’t been able to reproduce WMP not working as you’ve described on our devices here, if you’d like further assistance troubleshooting that, we’d be happy to help. Please send a video, including your creation of a playlist in WMP, then showing the Music library source in djay Pro, using our request submission form. This will allow us to take a closer look into this for you.

Otherwise, if using iTunes works for you just as well and you don’t want to pursue troubleshooting this further, just let me know. I’m glad you were able to find an alternative, and please know that your feedback has been noted about the comparison with playlist management on Mac. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t work either.

I attach a video that you can see how the playlists are created in iTunes, and when played in the Djay Pro, the program closes itself. I have tried it several times, and it always closes. Maybe because he can’t find the song (I guess).

Haven’t been using djpro on windows so, tried just minutes ago.

Here’s an example how I might do playlist on windows…

And yes, been using windows from 1.0 and winamp is the thing.
.m3u and .wpl are text files and learned how to check them years ago.
Haven’t never trusted if the app will save “full path” or just some “relative path”.

Well, if the djPro can’t read the playlist correctly, it should not be able to show the track metadata for you either ?

And I won’t even try to mess up my music lib with iTunes.

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On windows there is not such feature that you could drop a data from 1 app to another one.
Nope it doesn’t have such functionality on operating system level.
You save the data in one app to a file in correct format and then import the data in another app opening the file.

Bascily a lot of apps are supporting copy and paste through windows internal clipboard, but dataformats are currently quite limited.

Thank you very much for the video!! I will try it again by following your steps. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing the video. Could you please tell me if you’re able to play any of the songs that are showing in the iTunes library source in djay Pro directly? For example, if you double click on one of the songs or drag and drop a track onto a deck, does it load onto the deck in djay Pro and then does it play as expected when you click play?

From what I’m seeing in your video, this is actually a different issue involving Automix where djay Pro is crashing when you do the following:

  1. Drag and drop a song from djay Pro’s iTunes library source into the Queue.
  2. Start Automix.

@Edu_Mico_Reyes : of course you can drag and drop songs from Windows Explorer to Windows Media Player and Winamp.

But you just can’t drag and drop a song from Windows Media Player to Winamp.

And because of security (viruses/malwares) it should be very dangerous to allow any data to be drag & dropped from any app to any app. You might get interesting security violations.

Window is different than macOS, Android, iOS, Linux. Just try different things .

I use the iOS version and have played around with the Windows version. It seems to be 10 steps behind iOs and Mac versions. You will be disappointed using it. I don’t know how much they even update it anymore.

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