Creating Playlists in djay Pro for Mac

Try using the “Grouping” functionality in iTunes. I use this to identify tracks suitable for warmups, buffet breaks etc. Create a Smart Playlist from that. Works fine for me.

I want to buy this but I will not unless the playlist feature gets integrated … thanks for keeping us posted

I have gotten to this point and I and sitting here thinking that is is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. You can’t make a Play List In a DJAY “PRO” software program?

Hi Lucas E.

We continue to hear that creating playlists in DJAY Pro for MAC is on the agenda, but so far… nothing yet!

I am really expecting to be able to create playlists in DJAY Pro, and to combine Spotify songs with iTunes songs and videos in one playlist!

I understand. I’d prefer it. But there’s clearly a reason why…prob more from Spotify than Djay Pro…but c’mon folks…How hard is it to create your own f-ing playlist on a piece of paper and search for a track you know you want, drag n drop it into deck 2 and then play it???

Or g’waaaan and buy or rip the track, put it in iTunes and playlist it…

any updates?

Is there an update?
I rly like dj pro but in this case i can ́t use it as an dj :frowning:

Megaaaa!!! Endlich!!!

and what is with the hardware integration/mapping of nexus 2000 and djm 900??? and the xdj-rx 1 and 2 ??

Same here man:(