Creating Playlists in djay Pro for Mac

I am preparing my gigs each week with creating playlists.
The issue is that I can only create these lists in iTunes but not in Day Pro.
But in iTunes I do not have information like BPM.

So it is really a mess having to switch to iTunes in order to create a playlist while there not seeing all necessary information.

I would prefer - like in Serato DJ - to have the opportunity of creating playlists in Djay Pro and afterwards maybe export the as iTunes-playlists.

Currently I am really undecided whether to switch to Serato DJ (names for hotcues and saved loops and Crates) while on the otherhand DJay Pro has Spotify integration - by far better than Pulselocker. If Djay Pro would get these missing professional features the decision would be clear.

Definitely needed and lonnnng overdue

Seriously - how hard can it be?? And why wasn’t it added from the very beginning?

Also please add mixed playlist - combination of Spotify and local songs.

Ever create a SMART playlist on tunes?
These types of playlist are perfect when adding new songs to your collection and automatically adding to a certain playlists.
(i.e. Smart Playlist named 100 BPM… after analyzing a track on djay, right click on the track and click " show in iTunes and enter the BPM in the “show info” (same window Lukas shows in the reply above).
I know this sounds time consuming, but do this once the rest is automatic.
heres a quick video

Hey iRWeasel,
MIK? Which app is this?

Thanks for the info.

Thank you Thomas Hörmann, we are aware of the user demand of a in-app playlist management feature.

I forwarded your request internally and we will keep you posted about further informations.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

I am sorry to tell you but I can’t give out informations about future updates.
Be assured that we are aware of this and it is on our agenda.

The best thing is pushing the topic so it climbs up the ladder.

Lukas E.

Good suggestion, thank you for sharing.

Lukas E.

You can group your songs in iTunes via right-click -> Get Info (see attached screenshots) and create smart playlists of the Grouping.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Yes we know about the user demand of being able to manage playlists in djay.

Thank you for your feedback.

Lukas E.

After u create ur placelists in itunes , and you open djay pro, select your playlist from itunes iland go to library on djay pro and select analyse library! Unwill have all the info needed

Agree with the Smart playlist thing, I use them a lot. Re BPM, I use MIK to provide this, and key info for the track as well; then I can see the BPM in iTunes & use this to sort in Smart playlists…


its called Mixed in Key, and basically analyses the songs to give you a key, tempo and BPM figure for each song analysed. It is approx 80% accurate, and is a great way of getting this info onto tracks that are missing these tags.

there are other free pieces of software out there that do this, but MIK is still the best currently.


This is not the problem. I want to have the opportunity to create playlists in DJay Pro. Also sub-playlists.

Currently I have to create playlists in itunes in order to have them in Djay Pro available. This is not very efficient to me.

While creating playlists I want to have the opportunity to work in my DJ Software and having access to the data I need: BPM, Key etc.
This is information I cannot see in itunes.

Furthermore I am not able to create sub-playlists. Preparing a DJ set I need several sub-sets (warm-up, maintime, cool-down) this is not possible neither in itunes nor in djay pro.

Hi Lukas,

I found other posts with the same topic…one year old.
So I am not sure if this really is a topic.

What I am a bit curious about: When I look into the forum’s topic “Ideas” I cannot see anything that is in the folder “planned” or “in preparation”.

Isn’t there any roadmap on what we have to expect from algoriddim in the near future?

Could you explain this a bit more in detail? I do not know this function of grouping

ah - understood - I know this feature already but use it in a different way.
Nevertheless - creating playlists IN Djay Pro is a MUST Have. It is really boring to switch always to iTunes in order to change something in existing playlists or to create new ones.

YEAAAH! With DJay Pro 2 we got this feature integrated! Great work!