*Critical* Djay app became non-responsive.

I had this issue, several week back during a live gig where Djay (5.0.3) app was not responding to anything on the screen… during live set :sweat_smile:

Upgraded to the latest version 5.0.4 and I had 2 small gigs in between and didn’t have that problem.

But the last live gig was showing the same issue where the Djay app was not responding again while everything else is working (as seen in the video)


So the app just not responding at all. This time I was slightly less panic and saw the song ended and I was able to use the app again as seen in the 4 videos posted here.

iPad Pro 12.9 5th gen latest IOS
Controller: Hercules ControlMix

Hi @PoyTB,

Thanks for sharing the videos. Please refer to my personal list of iOS specific tips and let me know if these fix your issue:

Hey on this topic

I think the issue was when i had the ‘power cable’ plugin and charging the iPad at the same time as DJing.

I’ll try and reproduce the issue and get back to you!

Hi @PoyTB, this sounds like the same issue as your other topic (5.1.2 with Hercules DJControl MIX stop working randomly.)? Can I close this one to keep the conversation organized?


it’s a 2 different issues…
This one… the app was not responding, but the controller and Ipad itself works.

The other one, the controller not responding, the ipad + app works.

Okay thanks for clarifying

Hi @PoyTB, are you still experiencing this issue? If I don’t hear back from you in a couple of days, I will consider this one solved. Thanks!

Hi there,

I haven’t had a chance to ‘plug in the authentic power cable from Apple’ while djing, just too afraid that it will happens again.

Give me another week. I"ll try it out and finger cross it doesn’t happens.

Okay, sounds good @PoyTB

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