Cross fade transition no longer works on locked screen after update to v 1.6.1 on iOS6

I have DJay on both my iPad and iPhone and now realize that the transition cross fade effect no longer works after the recent update on either device to version 1.6.1. My wife and son’s iPhone also has this app and they have the same issue after updating. This only happens when the devices are on the locked screen. The transition will not trigger smoothly but instead the song will end before the next start. No different than e regularly apple music player. When will this be corrected or is there something I need to do to fix? Please respond. Thx

Update: this is also the case when the app is minimized during playback. The transition cross fade effect does not work. Please provide some assistance as this feature is much used and beneficial. Thx


We recently released an update fixing this issue. Please download the latest version (djay 1.6.2) in the App Store.

I have the same problem. it seems the update is not working correctly.