Cross fader glitching blue headphone light turns on and makes it way to loud on idjpro

When I play a song and try to switch to the next song quickly by using the cross fader a blue headphone light turns on and makes the song way to loud. I can turn it off by pressing the button but when i try to cross fade into the next song that song gets way to loud in my headphones. At that point when I cross fade the song on the right deck plays on the left deck when I cross fade and the song on the left deck plays on the right deck. I’ve searched online and no one else has had this problem. It only seems to be me. Please help me. I want to mix two song together but it doesn’t allow that. I have had it for about 4 or 5 months at the most and it has worked fine up until this point. I know I haven’t taken it anywhere so It couldn’t have gotten damaged but this really makes me sad that my 200 dollar controller doesn’t even work properly ;(

Hi Ryan,

Please tap the gear icon, go to “Advanced” and disable “Auto-Select”.