Crossfader Bug When Cuing.

Hey, I have Djay Pro on my MacBook Air and a Pioneer DDJ-FLX4.

I’ve only had them about a week, 90% of the time it works fine but twice I’ve had both channels turned up on the faders which I pretty much do all the time and then use the cross fader to bring in the next track/cue.

Anyway a couple of times I’ve had the cross fader all the way over to one side, gone to cue on the other side and the track has come out the main speakers because on the software the cross fader is in the middle! Thankfully it’s only been at home but I don’t want that happening live!

Has anyone else this or any ideas?

Thanks in advance


How to reproduce the issue:

Hi @JOHN_COPLEY, in the djay Settings>MIDI Devices>SCRATCH SETTINGS make sure Crossfader Cutting Mode is turned OFF.

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Unfortunately that is turned off! As I said, works perfectly most the time so not sure it’s a setting thing and seems more of a glitch where hardware and software aren’t fully in sync. It’s like it gets confused and doesn’t know Ive moved the crossfader and it just stays in the middle on the software. Abit like how the tempo does until you go move it back to where it’s set on the software.

  1. Sounds like it could be a dirty or faulty crossfader then.
  2. Are you using the built-in MIDI Mapping or a custom edit? Perhaps something has been changed in the mapping and causing the issue.

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