Crossfader confusion

Help! My iDJ Pro with djay 2 is making my crossfader wierd. And the volume wheels seem to work in and out as well. How can I fix the crossfader? When set to the left, I would like to hear deck 1. And when set to the Right I would like to hear deck 2.
And when I slide the crossfader slowly from deck 1 to deck 2, I would love to start to hear deck 2 louder and louder, the farther I love the crossfader to the right.

Thx guys.

DJ nathan


Please tap the gear icon and go to “MIDI”. Turn off “Invert Crossfader” and “Crossfader Cutting Mode”.

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I have the same problem. Mixdeck Quad and DJay 2 on iPhone SE. Was working well and then the fader on the app flipped mid set. I set the automix to on, the fader moved to the left and booted the song that was currently playing. I am still in the middle of a set and can’t restart the app. Why is it doing this? Auto mix doesn’t work because it fades to the wrong side when automatically switching. It removes the song that is playing even if protect current deck is on. Reverse mode is off (never turned it on the app or the mixer). Also the cue select is reversed so I can’t cue up a song either. 1 more hour to go of this.

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My Mixdeck Quad crossfader has issues with Djay Pro. As I slide it to the right, the volume is at its highest in the middle, and it is lower when moved to the right. There’s no volume when it’s all the way to the right.

Please, help!

I am having the same issue with DDJSX3 all of a sudden!