Crossfader Curve, Cut + Linear

I would like the Crossfader Curve option Cut + Linear, i would work perfect with my Start + End points !

I agree 100%. I use a program called megaseg on the Mac used in professional radio stations. The cross fader curve is perfect. The playing deck is linear, and the opposite is a cut at the same time. It slams the deck in while fading the currently playing deck.

You can change the Crossfader Curve at the djay Pro Preferences > “General”. At the “Mixer” section you can switch from “Default” to “Linear”, “Cut” or “Constant Power”. 

Hi Jared Driscoll,

are you sure? Which version of djay are you using btw?
Note this thread is for djay Pro for the Mac.

Lukas E.

I don’t see any of these options!

Ah okay I didn’t know that. Well I would appreciate a way to adjust the crossfader sensitivity on iOS.