Crossfader effects

Hi team. I think I may of found a bug unless I am doing something wrong. With drum swap loving Crossfader just seems to mute the drums on both sides. On the AI ones vocal, sustain etc I also need to twiddle my eq to reset the drums as they mute.

iPad Pro 12.9 5th edition with 17.1.2
Mixon 8 with latest firmware

Seems to be with iPad you need eq to be in eq move not neural mix. As anyone else experienced this. My iPhone seemed fine but iPad defo issues with Crossfader effects.

Hi @Dysfunk_DJ

  1. What does it say in Settings>Advanded>NEURAL MIX>Quality on your iPad?
  2. Can you please try to capture a video of this with the Neural Mix controls visible so I can share it with the engineering team? Thanks!
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I’ll catch a video for you.

100% as it’s a 5th edition iPad Pro 12.

Won’t let me upload a video

After testing it’s just on drum swap that’s messed up. All the others work ok.

@Dysfunk_DJ please save your video to a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive and share a link to the file here.

I think this is it. You can see how the eq are affected in drum swap with or without controller.

Hey man, I know your busy but did you send them this video below of what happens in drum swap effect. Only happens with that effect.

Thanks for the video @Dysfunk_DJ! Yeah I’m swamped here all by myself trying to answer everyone. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll share the video with engineering now. Good catch!


Thanks man. Bless you. Keep up the great work. Im using your mapping now. I made edits one with mic and one without. Depending on gig. Totally rocks, even more so now with 5.0. Loving it :fire:

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Standalone, now controller, no mixer just App.
On iPad Pro Djay Pro 5.0.1 Neural Mix Crossfader FX knobs are stuck in negative value!

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Yes I reported this also. It’s only on drum swap. You have to move eq to reset it. All the others are fine it’s just when drum swap is activated it goes weird. Thanks for highlighting also. Hopefully now dev team can sort it as it’s an annoying one.

At me not only drum swap, vocal also goes weird, I highlighted on video. They have must fix this, there have lot of issues

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Yeah I think it’s when you go to drum swap and then try the others they are messed up. If I don’t go to drum swap all others work ok. For me anyway. I tried on my iPhone and all works ok there so maybe it’s iPad specific. Any case like you say it needs sorting. It’s not a deal breaker but I’d like it to be fixed. Strangely enough when switch to reg eq mode it works fine so it’s defo linked to neural mix. All in all I’m loving 5.0. Incredible update. I was showing my friend this morning over breakfast how improved the stems sound.

I have checked now, both on iPad, and on iPhone same issues. If I have start with vocal or harmony, just happen nothing.

Interesting bug as affecting different users and scenarios.

@DJ-Z I have merged your topic with an existing one. This has been reported to the engineering team and will be fixed in the next update. Thanks!

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Yes man. Beautiful work

@Dysfunk_DJ How did you get that CUE buttons? :grinning: