crossfader function doesn't work on Djay Pro 2 for MAC with a HERCULES DJCONTROL INPULSE


I’m trying to use Djay Pro 2 (for now I test the trial version, but I will buy the official, if it works) on a mac, with a HERCULES DJCONTROL INPULSE 300 with a Spotify Premium account.
I got problem with the crossfader function.
It’s doesn’t work on the Hercules, the only deck working is the Deck 1
Is it a limitation of the trial version, or is it a MIDI problem configuration, or is a commercial restriction ?
Thanks for your help and support

Damien Rais

Hi Damien,

Thank you for your post. 

The trial version of djay Pro 2 does not differ in that regard, so it sounds like this is related to a different issue.

Currently the Hercules DJ Control Inpulse is not natively supported however you can map all sliders and buttons on your own using djay Pro’s midi learn function.

-Did you map the crossfader yourself and as you move the crossfader on your controller does it move in the software as well?
-Do the button controls on your controller work for deck 2, for example when you press the play button of deck 2 does the track start playing?

Lukas E.