Crossfader Fusion with Reloop Elite

When used with Reloop Elite + djay Pro (iOS), is the connection internal or external?
I’m looking to try out crossfader fusion. But this feature only supports internal connections, right?
So I would like to ask someone who is using Elite.

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Standalone mixers usually are external, because…they’re hardware mixers, not controllers.

Checking the VirtualDJ setup guide for the Elite confirms this.

Thanks for the reply!
Yes, that’s exactly how I understood it until now, but I was wondering if crossfader fusion was available for internal connections now that it’s available.
My guess is that it’s possible if you can assign a MIDI map to the crossfader and linefader…
I’ll get the Elite and give it a try!

When you’re using an EXTERNAL mixer setup, you’re not using the internal mixer. The software mixer won’t do anything, because it’s being bypassed. The audio is going straight out from each deck.

I know I can’t do this with an external mixer. Thanks.
If I set up Elite as an internal mixer, maybe I can use the crossfader fusion feature?
I’m talking about the “Internal Mixer”

By the way, I got ELITE right away and tried it out!
I’ll start with the result… crossfader fusion… it worked! !
The setup is a little complicated, so I’ll post the detailed setup later!

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Hi @nicefinga, thanks for the info. Looking forward to reading the full details about the setup.

The setup for using crossfader fusion with Reloop Elite is as follows

Preliminary Preparation
Assign a MIDI map to Reloop Elite for internal use.
However, CUE, LOOP, and other PAD sections and FX are mapped from the beginning, so it is a simple matter of mapping the crossfader, line fader, gain, EQ, filter, and so on.
Upload my MIDI map to DJTT MIDI MAPS.
DJ TechTools - Reloop Elite (internal mode)

In the “MIDI Device” section of the djay setup screen, load the MIDI map file you just uploaded or set up your own MIDI map.
After that, change the mixer mode from “External” to “Internal” in the “Audio Device” section.
Change the master to any other than ch1-2/ch3-4.
Complete the settings once and change Modes to Pro.

Check if each channel, fader and EQ can be operated by Elite.
The crossfader FX settings that should be next to the crossfader are missing, so go back to Modes and select Hardware Mode.
The crossfader FX setting appears in the middle of Hardware Mode, so turn it on.
Now all that is left is to select the type of FX!

Please refer to the video of the current process.

There are two problems with this method.
The first is that the VU meters on each channel fader of the Elite do not respond. The only way to check this is with the volume meters on the screen.
Second, as mentioned in other threads, Pre-Cueing does not work from the Elite’s headphone out.
I am not sure about the USB Out Routing on the Elite, and changing the settings does not work.
I was able to solve the problem by connecting a USB DAC to the USB Hub instead of using the Elite’s Headphone Out and connecting the headphones.
I did a video on this as well, if it helps!

To be honest, not being able to use the Elite’s headphone out is a pain, but you can use DVS and the crossfader fusion is a great feature, so if you are an Elite user or have a hardware mixer from another manufacturer, such as Rane, please refer to this video!
Happy Mixing!!

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I’ve uploaded the details! Glad if it is helpful!

The audio routing of course will not be correct as it’s an external mixer and does not have the routing required to work in internal mode (master/headphones) - as stated from the start!

It seems strange to invest in a hardware mixer, then just use it as a MIDI controller. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for sharing @nicefinga

Added the following functions.

・Neural Mix controls on 3 is the default, and there is one row of PADs available, so we added Start/Stop and Sync buttons there. (Vocals will not be available when the Controls on 4 is set.)

・Added Pitch Bend +/- to the Shift + Parameter buttons for each channel.

This makes it possible to complete a mix using only Elite :raised_hands:
[DJ TechTools - Reloop Elite (internal mode)]

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Nice! Thanks for sharing @nicefinga