Crossfader FX lags a beat long

Awesome, thank you very much indeed. Nonetheless, it persists on the MacBook Pro, on which it had initially worked perfectly on 21.03.24. See current video for Mac:

You’re welcome @Earthian. I don’t have access to a Mac at the moment. Is there a Neural Mix Quality percentage in the Advanced Settings? If so what is the value?

Yes, it‘s 100% as well.

Okay, thanks for confirming @Earthian. Also, you already uninstalled and reinstalled djay on your Mac and that didn’t help?

yes I did that yesterday as well.

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A screenshot for the Neural Mix Quality:

Okay, thanks for clarifying. Given this, I can’t think of anything else to suggest. As mentioned previously, I’ll send this to the engineering team to see if they have any suggestions.

You‘re awesome, this is what we call Support.
Take care!

PS: I‘ve got an apple notification since yesterday that some of my passwords are compromised, so I‘m changing as much as possible right now and will give you a word if my suspension clarifies.

Edit: I mean suspicion*, not suspension, sorry.

Just as weird as it may sound, the disturbance is there again on the iPhone. See video. To this end I‘m quite confident it doesn’t got to do with the ingenuity integrity of your team, considering the actual facts I think there’s a party at play right now. So as you eagerly wanna help, you may as well not complicate your mind over it anymore. This app is in this regard perfect! I need to thoroughly consider the sequence of changing my passwords passcode and then delete both apps among others and reinstall to it helps. This may take a while, so thanks again, I‘ll inform you when it’s over.


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Okay, sounds good @Earthian. Thanks for letting me know. I hope you’re able to sort it all out.