Crossfader FX Mapping - Popup Select Menu

I was able to midi map the Crossfader FX selection to the rotary knob on my Hercules DJ Inpulse 500 controller. I have to press the assistant button (which only has a dedicated function in the Djuced software by Hercules) and the big knob on top of the controller, which is also for browsing through the library. It works as expected but the FX menu doesn’t pop up, which means, I don’t see which Transition FX I have chosen. Is there a way to change this? If not, Algoriddim should add this with an update.

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Hi @Andreas_Haase1, there is no setting to force the CFX select popup menu to open via MIDI commands. However, I have changed this topic from a Question to a Suggestion and have forwarded this to the dev team for consideration. Thanks!

I suggest to write the midi command for displaying the menu directly inside the “crossfader fx toggle” so that we don’t need mapping an extra button. Thanks for the suggestion @Andreas_Haase1 .

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When I hook up a controller to DJay Pro 5.0 for MacOS I have pad buttons designated to turn crossfader FX on and off as well as select next and previous, I have to hit the show mixer button with my mouse, then hit the drop down arrow for crossfader FX to see what the buttons are doing. Can you make it so the crossfader FX can be seen with the press of a midi mappable button like you can with FX, Sampler, Neural Mix and beat grid editor?

A start would be to make show mixer midi mappable so it is on less button I have to push with my mouse.

Hi @Stygma. Thanks for the suggestion. This is similar to an existing one so I have merged them together. Please use the blue Vote button a the top left of this page so we can gauge user demand for this. Thanks!

Thanks, I appreciate it

You’re welcome @Stygma