Crossfader FX not working on decks 3 & 4

I don’t know if I’m doing something blatantly wrong (I probably am) or if this is user error but I noticed last night that the crossfader fx do not working on decks 3 & 4.

Also, “sync” would enable anytime that I would use any of the fx while two tracks are playing when I moved the crossfader.
When I would fade and then hit play, I didn’t have this problem.

Hi @tony_foo_yong,

  1. You are correct, CFX don’t seem to work on Decks 3/4 for me either. I’m not sure if this is a bug or limitation of CFX, but I’ll check with the engineering team.
  2. To turn Sync OFF for CFX, go to Settings>General>CROSSFADER FX>Sync Mode
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Thanks again!

I also have another question, that maybe you could answer here so I don’t keep making new posts for every question that I have, but is there a possibility of Djay Pro in the future to have macro editing capabilities?
And I’m doing a custom mapping for my DDJ-SX2 and when I use Serato/RB my FX 1 & 2 buttons at the top of each channel light up, but I cannot figure out how to make them do that on DJP

I’m not sure what you mean by macro editing, but there have been suggestions in the past for Traktor style modifiers and conditions for the MIDI learn tool.

As for the FX button LEDs, you can only turn these on if the LEDs are a part of the actual button. If that’s the case, simply turn ON the MIDI Out switch in the MIDI Mapping for each button.

@tony_foo_yong, I spoke with the engineering team about the no CFX on Decks 3/4. This was done intentionally. We are discussing options to see if it might be possible. Can you please describe how you’d like it to work exactly?

  1. When you use 4 deck mixing, which decks do you typically mix between? For example Deck 3 to Deck 2, Deck 3 to Deck 4, Deck 3 to Deck 1, etc.
  2. When you use 4 deck mixing do you ever have more than 2 decks playing at a time?
  3. If so, how would you want CFX to behave in those situations?
  4. The more details and scenarios you can share about how you think CFX should work with 4 decks the better. Personally, I don’t use 4 deck mode very often, except for the odd acapella or scratch track.
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A macro is basically “making actions” similar to using shift + any button to create actions.

" Macros are used to make a sequence of computing instructions available to the programmer as a single [program statement]"(Statement (computer science) - Wikipedia)

Here’s an example of what I’d like to do with a macro:
To make routines for scratch battles/showing off, I’d like to be able to double tap an FX1/2 button to enable echo transition fx, and then instantly load next track in the playlist and have it play instantly but disregard the setting for “start play when loaded”

That also reminds me, is there a way to disable the “double tap” to load doubles on the decks? I’ve accidentally done this a few times

Okay, I think it’s best to make a new suggestion post for macros.

Right on, I’ll write a detailed scenario this evening after I leave my dreary day job.

I do lots of long nights in clubs, and using 4 decks for these 6+ hour long gigs is absolutely necessary, so there is a plethora of situations in which this feature would be extremely useful.

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