Crossfader FX with new update and REV 5. Does it work?

Can anyone confirm that the Crossfader FX work on the REV 5 with the new update? I want to sell my Mixon 8 and get the REV 5. Also can someone confirm you can run an iPad pro with it? I’m stoked on the USB C connectivity. It would be such a great set up with the iPad running back up. Thanks!!!

Hi there, yes I can confirm cross fader effects work. Better actually as you can select 4 of them via the controller itself. (Non, filter, EQ and echo) which are the first four of them. I also have shift and tap mapped to toggle Crossfader effects on/off.

iPad works and I also bought a pass through usb adapter so it chargers at the same time. Great controller. I really like it a lot.

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Thank you so much for this thorough answer and the link. Mad love homie. :saluting_face:

Hey @Dysfunk_DJ, have you noticed if that hub draws power from your iPad even with nothing connected? I have a Baseus one that I really like, but it has an LED on it and actually drains my iPad if I forget it plugged in and not connected to power.

Haven’t noticed that. I’ll have a look and see. I have mine plugged into mains when using to keep charged but I’ll unplug and test.