Crossfader is changing the BPM

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  • Device model: Mixion 8
  • Version of operating system: IOS 17
  • Version of djay: Not sure, lateste downloaded from app store
  • Hardware/controllers used: Mixon 8

Your question:
Very frustrated. Only have a small amount of time each night to learn this stuff and it’s very hard with only an hour. I’m reading and watching videos, but I’m so exhausted all the time, I retain nothing. So tonight, it’s just noodling. Scratch track on left, drums on right. All of a sudden the cross fader, which I simply want to use to fade the scratch track, is changing the tempo on the right drum track, even though sync is off. Any ideas? This is so frustrating. I guess at 52 years old, I got into this way way way too late. I should have just stuck to the electronic music on the elektron boxes, but here I am anyhow .

Any suggestions? Thanks
I really need to hire a tutor, I don’t retain info from reading and vids.

The BPM readout will change as the track plays, if the track varies in tempo. This shows the true BPM live at all points of the track, so the DJ can see whether the track is slowing down or speeding up.

The new Fluid Beatgrid system allows this, where previously the grid would be fixed and not line up with tracks which vary in tempo.

In other words, what you’re seeing is normal, and a more accurate representation of track tempo than other software.

Dear Algoriddim, when are we going to get some updated manuals that cover the features introduced in DJay Pro 5? I’ve just checked the manuals for all platforms, and there’s still no mention of Fluid Beatgrid in any of them.

Hi @kfarrell70,

  1. It sounds to me like you have Crossfader FX turned ON. You can either turn it OFF
  2. Or you can leave Crossfader FX ON, but disable automatic Sync.

We have FAQ articles for the Fluid Beatgrid system which I shared shortly after release. Fluid Beatgrid System FAQ

Our support page contains many such FAQ articles.

You didn’t answer the question. An FAQ article is not the same as a full up to date manual.

Manuals (PDF files) can be downloaded and kept as a reference, with no need to be online.

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Understood. However, this software evolves rapidly so the downloadable PDF manuals quickly become outdated. My point is that the most recent information can often be found in this community and/or on our support page in the form of the FAQ articles. Well noted on the need to update the manuals and I will certainly relay this to the dev team. Thanks!

I changed sync type to bpm only instead of BPM and Beats and that fixed it. I’m not sure that is the correct thing to do. However sync mode was set to sync and tempo blend.

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Good to hear @kfarrell70. Glad you got it all sorted out. Thanks for letting me know!

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