Crossfader Issue DDJ200

Hi, I recently purchased a DDJ 200 and all of the controls map correctly to Djay Pro except the fader. The behaviour is strange. I have to move the fader all the way to the right in order to hear deck 1 and vice versa for deck 2. I have tried the invert option but that just changes the control behaviour and not the deck mapping. I am using an iPad Pro 2019.

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Hi @Darren_Smith,

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It sounds like your crossfader curve is set to Cut.
You can change your crossfader curve back to Standard via
djay settings > Mixer > Crossfader-Curve

The crossfdader curve was already set to default but the issue remains. I have also noticed the Neural Mix functionality ceases to work with the controller attached to the iPad. These issues currently render the controller unusable with Djay. It’s a shame as I love the product.

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Hello Im objecting to rekordbox , I think it is a bug. On my Pioneer DDJ RB in one delightful day Crossfader between decks isn’t working any longer appropriately. Rekordbox perceive how I move that however the two decks are at full volume regardless of whether it is at full SIDE POSITION. Any proposals?

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