crossfader issue with DDJ-SX2 connected


I’ve an crossfader issue with Djay pro AI only when I use my DDJ-SX2 controler.

The crossfader moves only between 3 positions left, center and right on the screen and sound has the same behaviour (100% left, 50/50% and 100 right) when I move it in different position on the controler.

This happens all the time despite the crossfader curve setting in the software or the positioning of the rotary fader in the front panel of the controler.

One interesting point is if I manipulate the crossfader on the screen of the computer and only if the controler is connected, I have the same problem. If I disconnect the controler, no issue anymore.

On the same computer, I’ve no problem with Serato and with an old computer (older macos) and with Djay pro 2, I’ve also no issue.

Please help. Any ideas or advices?

In Settings/Midi Devices,
Make sure that Crossfader Cutting Mode is switched off…
That did the trick for me

Hi Maurizio_T,

Oups!!! How could I miss this option?

Thanks a lot for your quick help.


Glad it solved it, I only found that out by accident as I have two iPads and one of them was doing the same and only when I compared the two settings did I realize what it was.

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Hi @David.Roge,

Thanks for the sharing your question in the community and a big thanks to @maurizio_T for the additional assistance.

Have a nice day, everyone!

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