Crossfader jumping limited controle - MacBook Pro DDJ-SX2

Hopefully someone can help me
I’m running DJay Pro AI latest version 3.1.10
MacBook Pro Monterey, DDJ-SX2
First off everything was working fine. But lately my crossfader has become buggy and very erratic. It’s jumping all over the place doing its owe thing. Mixing has become almost impossible. Sound from the other deck is bleeding into the main regardless of which deck the Crossfader is on. At first I thought it was my controller going bad,
BUT the crossfader works fine, even perfect with Serato DJ pro , no issues there. It seems this is a software issue and only with DJay pro.
Any suggestion is greatly appreciate.

Thanks for your time.

You’ve probably checked this but is the crossfader knob on the front right panel on the SX2 set correctly to match what you need?
I have mine set around 2 to 3 o-clock for a standard linear fade.
Putting it all the way to the left or right changes the fader behaviour.
Only a thought……

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Hi Sootee. I will try that
AT this point I"m willing to try anything
Thank you for you suggestion.

I just want to update you guys
So I changed my USB cord today and
I did a set with zero issues
Look like the usb cord was the issue
Thanks again for your time

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Thank @dj_Yardy for letting us know that you’ve sorted it and how.
It’s worth knowing these things for the next time someone comes along with a similar issue.
Glad it’s working for you.

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