Crossfader mapping


I have an issue at the moment where my crossfader is bleeding so I was wondering is there a way to map my crossfader to a rotary knob like an fx knob on my Denon prime go? I like the crossfader fusion capability but it’s horrible on my crossfader as it needs repairing.

Thanks guys

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Yes it can be easily done just I don’t know which knob you would use?
The only know that would make sense would be the Wet/Dry knob if you’re not really caring about reducing the sound of the effects…

To do so you need to go to Settings/ Midi Devices/Denon Go and then move the Crossfader.
Select the Target to say General
Move the Wet/Dry know and then Select Mixer in Target
Then select Crossfader in Action.
Save settings and that’s it all done.

Unfortunately to repair the Crossfader you will need to replace the main board…

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Thanks that really helps !

Yes I don’t want to replace the whole board!!

Thanks again.