Crossfader Options / Skip Silent Parts / Auto Set Cue Marks

an option to automatically skip silent intros if level is below n db.
-> eventually auto set starter (for future plays) or ask user to save new starter (popup?)

same option for fade outs: begin crossfade earlier if the ending falls below n db
-> auto set end marks

sophisticated setting: automatically proceed a longer crossfade if long silent parts are determined

add another crossfade option:
I only use the “Cut”-fader (for pop/rock music … not for electronic) because it’s important to have the instant fade in of songs - for automix it’s great, but if I choose to manually fade, I’d like to fade out the first song, which means to have a “standard”-fade out curve and a “cut”-fade in curve.

or even better: an option to draw a personal crossfader (once I had a program where you could set db and time values)

sometimes even a 3 seconds-crossfade is too long if songs stop and start abrupt.
intelligent crossfading could analyze it…

I agree completely. The auto-crossfade function in current djay2 is a dealbreaker for me. Everything you mention was a feature of Winamp with the smart crossfade plugin, which was a brilliant solution. (which I am still using due to DJAY’s poor functionality in this regard. Please add this functionality, and I will surely use DJAY2 more often.

FYI: I bought one of the new “cheap” Dell 8" Venue Windows 8 tablets, because it will run my favorite old version of Winamp with the smart auto-crossfader function. By adding a on-screen software touuchpad, I’m in pretty good shape. I can also run VDJ on it. I still prefer the djay2 interface, though.

PLEASE fix this!

I think about moving to VDJ just because of this. I can’t play automatically because of this.