Cue button behavior not right in latest update with midi controller

Hi, I just updated my DJAY Pro app to the latests version, 3.1.5 on my iPad Pro 11 inch and I found some problems with the cue button on my DDJ Wego 4 midi controller. When song is playing and press and hold the cue button, song goes back to the cue poing but it does not play back, it just pauses, which is inconvenient.Button needs to be pressed and hold a second time to start playing.

Also, and pretty annoying is that when loading a song for the first time, the first half second of the song is not reproduced correctly. There is no sound, even though the waveform is present, no audio is reproduced. So basically, songs start to sound not from the begining, but about a half second after.

Could you please correct this faulty behaviour? Thank you

Thanks for your feedback regarding cue. In the latest updates we’ve improved the cue behavior to make it behave consistent to standard DJ controllers and players including CDJ systems. When a track is playing and you press cue it jumps to the cue and pauses.

If you are referring to a different issue with cue please let us know.

As for the no sound issue at beginning issue, could you please provide more details on that? i.e. what songs / file types were you using? Is this always reproducible or just sometimes?


I have also had this issue with wego 4

I am also experiencing both issues. The cue button is understandable, but when loading a track, it doesn’t automatically sync to the beginning like the older version of Dj (just upgraded today), but rather adds dead space ahead of the waveform. I’m using a DDJ-400 and iPad for what it’s worth.

Pic attached.