CUE button behaviour on Numark Mixtrack Pro

Hi there!

I’m testing the demo version of djay pro on my mac with a Numark Mixtrack Pro controller, and I can’t understand the CUE button behaviour. I’d expect that when the track is playing, the button should move the track to the pre set cue point and keep playing from there; and when the track is paused, the CUE button should replace the previous cue point right on the place where the track is paused in that moment.

However, while using the controller, if the track is paused and I press the CUE button, instead of set the point there, it moves the track where the previous cue point was set. Definitely is not what I’m used to, and not sure if that’s the way it should work.

Am I doing something wrong or maybe the mapping isn’t working well?

Thank you!

There is something wrong w Mapping for many controllers. Only way I got the cue to work is manually moving the platers back to where I wanted the Que and then selecting cue. I was also hoping if I held down Shitf + cue it would jump to beginning - no luck

The worst thing is the freezes and irritate behavior. If you search iTunes from within DJay it freezes and even stops playing the current live song! BAD BAD BAD… so if you search in a separate windows iTunes and drag from there into the play next cue - it works. I have found ways to use DJAy in simple mode and not try anything fancy… but once you start using cue points - loops or search - it is erratic and dangerous in a live paid for event.

What a shame!

I’m testing it because Spotify integration, but it seems I’ve to keep waiting until it gets more mature :frowning:

Same problem here. Any solution yet ? Cue behaves as follows: when I pause and move the platters I can set cue as expected, but If i try to move them again when pressing the cue button - the track jumps to the cue point ? Basically in order to set a new cue point I have to play and pause and then it works ? Is this a mapping error or a feature :smiley: ? btw I am using numark n4