Cue drift Phase Dj and Numark Scratch

I have been experiencing cue drift using Phase dj and Numark Scratch on my Ipad pro and the latest Djay update. Am I the only one with this experience? I have tried performing a reset on Phase remotes and receiver, did all calibrations necessary but no luck. I also tried it on my Macbook pro and got the same results. Hopefully this is just a simple glitch with a simple solution, I really love djing on my ipad.

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Hi @BennyB,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’d first like to point out that Phase isn’t officially supported with djay. That said, from what I understand, Phase uses the standard DVS control tone (1 kHZ), and djay supports any standard system using a 1kHZ control tone. We can’t really speak to other uses of Phase outside of this.

Nevertheless, I will pass along your feedback to our Development Team to see if they have any suggestions. And perhaps others here on the Community could also provide any tips they’ve found useful. I’ll share any additional information here!


Hi @BennyB, I’ve just heard back from our Dev Team, and they’ve asked that you first please try to re-do the DVS calibration just to make sure it’s not a calibration issue. If you’re still experiencing the issue after this, please let me know and our team can take a closer look.

Just in case it should help, here’s a link to our DVS setup guide which includes instructions for calibrating on iOS:

and on Mac:

Thanks in advance!

Hey, yes I have done the dvs calibration and Phase calibration as well. The cue drift I am experiencing happens on both IOS and Mac OS. The cue drift happens when doing heavy scratching, scribbling etc.and beat juggling.For simple cuing, it not that bad but hopefully devs can fix this problem. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


I do experience the same with latest version.
With both Phase or needle :frowning:

I do think it is a problem with the new update. I am confident though that devs will address this problem. Its probablly just a minor glitch :pray:t3:

I hope so… previous versions was more accurate.
I think this is related to invisibl skratch piklz modifications…

Thanks for the confirmation and for following up!

I’ve forwarded all of the info you’ve provided to our Dev Team to take a closer look into this. I’ll keep you posted here with any further information.


Hi there,
I did a quick run with latest 4.09 version and seems to be better. :heart_eyes:
Thx dev team !

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