Cue for "fade-out" near end of song

Most songs have an area near the end of the songs meant for fade out/in… it would be useful to be able to set a “cue” towards the end of the song similar to a Cue (which marks the start of the song).

Without being able to mark the end of a song, trying to do an auto-mix is pretty useless, and who wants to complete a song to the end before having a new song kick in during a mix anyway. Without that feature very hard to remember when to fade a song out and start next song.

I think this feature is pretty important for a DJ - almost as important as the Cue function.

Please consider this important.

Yeah, there’s definately a need for end cues in order to create mixes or decent playlists. I don’t want all tracks to play till the end, or use the same play duration time.

Hi guys…

The end point option has been implemented for some time now in the current DJAY version, you might have missed it (just like I did) :

Have a look at this thread as well:…

Or! This could also have the function of being sort of an “end” cue, as in where you want the song to end.

For example, when mixing two songs together I am often timing where I want one to drop into the next song. But lets say I’m mixing Track B into Track A and want B to drop right when A ends, I would be judging that based on the time left in A.

But if A isn’t perfectly made and has 6 seconds of silence on the end, it would mess up my timing. Having a cue point that you can place into songs that causes the countdown timer to treat that point as [0:00] (aka end of song) would be phenomenal. Essential really

Hi Avic,

Changed your question to a feature request (= Idea).

Hi Warren - do we have enough votes (and more importantly, sane reasoning) to request this feature in the next version?

I am sure this product was developed with some good input from a DJ at least - when is the last time *any* DJ played a song till the end?

The way the product is currently, there is no way anyone can create an AutoMix without manually setting the point of fading out and fading the next song in.

Please forward this thread to the powers that be to add this feature in the next release.



Hello Warren - do we have enough votes yet for this feature to get implemented? Even if we dont have enough votes, I am sure the author of this great software is a DJ himself and he knows that no DJ plays a song till the end. We need an ‘end cue’ to be treated like ‘end of song’ just like you already have a ‘cue’ to be treated like ‘start of song’.

Hi Graham, Raul,

A ‘gap killer’ is different from what I (and some of the others on this thread are asking) though that is also a good idea.

Why we need an ‘end cue’ is because in club DJ mixing we dont want to play a song till the end. Most extended mix songs almost always have a place near the end where a DJ fades out the song and mixes a new song. We dont want to play a song till the end - just like we dont want to start a new song at the beginning.

So we need an ‘end cue’ feature and a separate gap killer.

[graham - see my response further below in thread]

Agreed…this would be very useful for the Automix function!

How do the end points work? Does it over ride the “Start transition at X seconds before end of song?” Or does it work with that feature to clarify the true end of the song, in case there is extra dead air at the end of a track?

Also, I feel that this feature would make more sense if it was X number of beats before the end of the song, rather than a number of seconds. That way it could start at the beginning of a measure.

I totally agree… This will be a very useful feature.

Warren - This is something that is pretty essential…Can’t create a playlist without cue point and end point. Is there any potential fix for this?

I totally agree with this, many songs fade off long before their timeout period leaving silence. I have logged a request to add a feature similar to Sam Party Dj which they call gap killer. It detects a song is fading etc and triggers the next one. Great feature

Yep it’s called a gap killer and we need it please.

I think having to enter two cue points is time consuming (and maybe a lot of programming work?) although others may disagree. A neater solution might be to automatically detect when the audio signal drops to nothing and this triggers the next song to play. To be honest if the beginning cue point is also treated this way you end up with no gaps whatsoever, there is always music playing :-). I called this function a ‘gap killer’ because that’s exactly what it would do. Great feature. Make sense?

Hi Jens, I agree, the gaps in between each song are really annoying, If you read the previous comments you will see there are 2 requests, The ability to set an end point which apparently exists (not for ipad though :frowning: ) But this is really time consuming if you have to set a fade out or end point for every song in your library!!!

I am asking fora a’ gap killer’ which detects when audio is about to end (or reaches a preset low level) and will then prompt an autostart of the next song which simply means no silence or gaps between songs.
The Automix facility is very limited without a gap killer.

At the moment if i play songs on my ipad in automix there are periods of silence between songs which is not what we want at all. If you want to see how it should be done try ‘Sam Party DJ’ the gap killer on this works brilliantly, Its a cut down version of a broadcast play out system and radio presenters hate any periods of silence between songs…so do i. Lets hope someone reads this and IPAD users can one day enjoy a gap killer feature!

I totally agree as well. Having a gap btw songs defeats the purpose of the auto mix feature.

That is Jens from Germany
I use that tool for my Spinning/Cycling lessions in our gym, but only one feature is really missing. It is absolutely necessary to have a “Fade out” feature for my music mix. Many other trainers could use that tool as well, if that “must to have” feature will be in.

Yes I agree, there is a major limitation in Automix without cue out functionality.
Maybe somebody doesn’t want the ios version of Djay to be “complete” (product management…) ?