Cue functionality To resemble pioneer deck

There is one piece of key functionality missing and I’m asking if you could please add this as an option in your next update… That is the behaviour of the cue button.

On a pioneer deck, if a track is playing and you press the cue button, it immediately stops the track and returns it to the cue point. Additional presses of the cue button, or holding it down plays the track, pretty much as a preview.

Currently in djay if a song is playing and you press the cue button it restarts the song from the cue point and does not return the song to cued/stopped. To stop requires pressing play (to pause) and then pressing cue to recue the track.

Could you please please please add this basic functionality, even put it in your preferences to toggle the behaviour of the cue button?

As a long time supporter of your software, I hope you will consider this.
Thank you kindly. Matt.

Came here to post this and surprised it hasn’t gotten much traction. This is crucial for me. For better or worse, Pioneer CDJs are the industry standard and if you spend any time playing in the many clubs and bars that use them, cue working this way is quite a habit. I’ve enjoyed Djay on iphone, ipad and computer, and used it by itself, with a Pioneer Wego and now a Reloop Beatpad 2. The beatpad and djay is a great combo and I’m very happy with it except for this one issue. I imagine it’s something that could be a preference in djay, or accessible via the “shift” key?

Currently on the reloop, hitting jump brings you back to the cue point (and keeps it playing) while hitting SHIFT-Jump brings you back to the beginning of the track. I’d love to be able to switch jump to pause and it and return to the cue, or if not, be able to swtich the shift key so that SHIFT-Jump goes back to the cue.

Any chance we can see this in an update?

Thank you. I’d b happy if you kept the current method but made the pioneer method a preference?

It’s one thing to be used to Serato and switch over, but if you’re often switching between technologies, it can be difficult to adjust. Like it or not, Pioneer CDJs are the standard in club and bar instillations and if I’m playing in one, I tend to not use Djay but just bring a USB stick.

Hello again-

I was using a WEGO 2 last night and noticed it actually works the way I want it to. When I hit cue, it returns to the cue point and pauses, like their CDJs.

I find this confusing because Reloop claims this is a djay software issue, where in this case two brands of hardware act differently. I’ll take it up with them as well, but please let it be known this is still a concern.

Hey guys,

thank you for sharing your feedback. I am gathering the requests, please note that those updates require a lot of users which stand behind the idea of changing the cue/play/pause functionality.

Lukas E.

Forwarded as a Method implementation.
Please push the topic and share your thoughts.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I agree, that functionality is a need.

I agree with the cue functionality, but it’s not the end of the world once you get used to it. It’s a bit of an inconvenience if you’re accustomed to he Serato set up.