Cue Loop mode natively

I recently discovered the Cue Loop mode accidentally.
Not in Djay itself, but on the second mode of the Cue Pads on my Rane One. It has been literally a GAME CHANGER in my work (far more useful than the Saved Loop mode).
So the Rane One propose me a Cue Loop mode which I can access natively in Djay.

Please, PLEASE, add the Cue Loop mode natively in Djay !

Hi @Julien_Apruzzese,

Thanks so much for sharing your findings!

I will go ahead and pass this along to our QA and engineering teams for further insight as we are always looking into taking djay to the next level for our users.

Please continue to share your findings and potential feature requests for others to also vote on and chat about. Have a fantastic day!