Cue Point and Video overlay issues on DJ Pro 2

I just began using the new DJ Pro 2 which I have connected to a brand new Pioneer DDj sx2, All USB cables are new and Im also using a new 2TB Solid State External Hardrive.

I love the new look and how it feels very close to Serato, however, I am experiencing some issues.

I do a lot of video mixing and sometimes I use the Automix feature. during the automix. The cue points that I set for the next song, seems to get ignored and it jumps to some random point of the song.

There are also moments that I need to overlay a different video over either an existing video or an audio that needs a video image. There are times when the option to lay the video isn’t available.

At first, I thought maybe the video isn’t loadable until I tried the same video on another occasion and it worked. Then when trying it again, it stopped working. So there’s definitely some consistency issue.

Please Advise.