Cue point, Beat grid save, instant double

  1. Cue points do not save after closing the program

  2. if I’m playing the same track on both decks and I set a cue point on or adjust the beat grid on one deck the other deck doesn’t reflect the changes.

  3. Can we have instant double as default or a settings if you load the same song into both decks.?

  4. Beat grid is not saving on exit too

  5. Is there flexible beat gridding option especially for Funk and other music without quantization?

  6. is there a quantization option to turn on. it helps when doing cue drum beating?

  7. do I need a different license to use Djay pro on Windows? I have it on Mac.

Hey Patrick.
I was referring to clouding metadata
Since this conversation. Clouding via CloudKit, now clouds matedata instantly.
On your second post, referring to midi?
I personally don’t use midi at all.
Hopefully that gets worked out.

If the same tracks on both decks are playing and you set a cue on deck 1, hold the LOAD SONG (music note icon) and select DOUBLE on deck 2. This will allow Deck 2 to reload and reflect deck 1.

what music icon? on the screen? i cant figure this out either. its super annoying that something so needed is so hard to get to?

i have a ddj sz2. if i open serato i can double click load and bam. i found the function in the deck drop down menu but no way to link midi. not even a keyboard shortcut

Hey Mufasa,

thank you for your post.
I will go through your questions point by point:

      1. I suggest always ejecting the track after adding user data changes (beat grid/ Cue Points) rather than closing the application.
  1. That is a valid point, which we have on our agenda. At the moment this is the case but we want to thank you for pushing the topic with your post.
  2. I am sorry but can you tell me in more detail the functionality of the instant double feature? Haven’t you doubled the track already after loading it on two decks twice (e.g. via the “Double”).
  3. Unfortunately there is not, we know that some tracks with speed changes would profit from such feature, we got it an the agenda :slight_smile:
  4. No there is not, while being in sync triggering Cue Points slightly off beat the tracks will get back in sync quickly.
  5. Yes, due to the different distribution channels (Mac App Store / Windows) we  are unable to provide an overall license.

I hope that this is helpful, thank you for your feedback, questions and suggestions :slight_smile:

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thanks for the response

  1. Load track 123 into Deck A start playing with instant Double option by default or as an optional function I will expect that say Deck A has played track 123 to 1 min mark, if I load the same track from my library to Deck B as Deck A continues playing, Deck B will play the same track instantly on load and at the same point.

I know there is a short cut key for this but if there was a setting that will make default so even if I drag and drop it will just load and play from whatever point the opposite deck is.

Heys guys , using ddj sr with djay pro 2 and i tryed everything to get Instant doubles on deck 2 ? On my serato just load track and it loads same place and time. But there is a place to check that option in setting. Cant find it in djay pro 2 ? Or i just cant find it lol