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I’m very glad that cue point naming is available in the iOS version, but not so much a color palette to choose a different color for cue points. I not only name them, but I want to color code too. To me, when I’m using my iPad to listen and prepare my tracks by adding cue points, and then naming said points, having a color code system that’s consistent without having to do it from my Mac afterwards would be hella useful from a workflow perspective. I can then be sure that everything is set and ready on my iPad, and that they will be ready should I wish to switch over to the laptop, with the confidence and knowledge that each track is already set and ready for use.

I really hope you consider it; that would really enhance the cue point workfow. Thanks!

Hey @Velanche_Stewart,

Thanks for posting about this in our Community.

I’d like to point out that if you have iCloud Sync enabled, your cue points (names and colors) should automatically transfer from your Macs to your iOS devices. Find out more here:
FAQ: How can I enable iCloud syncing?

The color palette, however, is not currently possible to change. Would you like to choose a different color palette altogether from the settings? Or would you rather select the cue point color in the same way that you change your cue point names?

Cheers, G

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Hey thanks for getting back to me!

I guess I was not fully clear; yes, just the ability to switch colors, meaning that if I click on the current color a pop-up palette would appear and I would choose a replacement color.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for clarifying!

It would be great if we get to see some voting/commenting :ballot_box: action in this thread to assess the importance of this for users.

Maybe there’re colorblind users that would benefit of changing the colors in the app.

Cheers, G

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Would love to see that as well, both in changing the whole color palette, as well as being able to assign specific colors to a cue point.

My use case is:

  1. The purple and the pink look too similar in the small waveform overview, it’s hard to tell them apart
  2. I want to use the same color for the same “event” in every song. Right now, I need to use the same position of the cue point every time, being able to change the color would make this more flexible for me.

Yes please!, for example all breakdown section cue points can be changed to green, and all drop sections in the song could be set to red, vocal sections yellow, etc. This is a fairly common/recommended way to use cue points to quickly identify what content is at that point.

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