Cue point juggling

I would really like to see cue point juggling like Traktor Dj. It’s rock solid. You can bash the cue points all day and the songs will stay in sync. Bash the cue points fast in djay pro and the sync turns off immediately. If you sneeze, the sync turns off lol. Dj player pro is getting better all the time for this with every update too.

Yes please!!!

I agree with Ivan. Numbers would be so much easier. Or coloured circles with numbers in.

Hi there,

thank you for your post. 
I forwarded your thread in our issue tracking system, you are right, bashing Cue points fast needs re-Syncing.
A workaround would be to implement a Quantised Cue Point mode am I right?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Yes please and saved loops :wink: oops that’s in several other threads

Or just names that can be edited.

Agree. I miss this feature in Dj Pro

Yes Lukas you’re right and please consider lab the cue points with numbers, not only colors.Thank you very much