CUE Point moved?

Since update 5:

The CUE points are shifted on a not inconsiderable number of my tracks. Always offset by half a bar.

It would take hours of work to restore this manually. Is there already a solution?

Best regards

Here is a picture of it. The CUE point was at 131.

Unfortunately there is no way of going back,
5.0 has re analysed all the tracks and set in a different(better) way to Versions 4 and before…
I have encountered this issue as well but it’s not the end of the world for me to adjust my cue points,
Mine are only slightly off what 5.0 has analysed so I’m finding myself having to slightly adjust every cue point as it loads…
On the plus side though, They will now be perfectly matched to the track


Thank you for your feedback.
If you can’t go back to 4, then you have to live with it.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the software “jerks” - CUEs don’t react immediately and the crossfader (in automatic mode) does too. It seems as if the software is very busy in the background and therefore everything jerks.
Do you have the same problem?


Thanks for sharing this feedback in our Community.

I can see how this would definitely not be ideal, especially if users like yourself have hundreds of tracks with cue points already set.

Could you answer a few questions so that we can better assist you?

  1. What device are you using?
  2. What OS version number is running on your device?
  3. Is this issue still prevalent in the newest 5.0 update that came out today?
    4)What music sources does this issue happen with? Locally stored, Tidal, SC, etc.

I’ve gone ahead and passed this over to our engineering team for further review to confirm whether or not this is expected behavior from djay. I have also moved your post from the General category to the Bug Reports category just in case this does classify as such.

Looking forward to delivering an update soon. Have a nice day!

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Hi @NathanielAlgo

My answers:

Which device are you using?
Macbook Pro; M1 CPU, 16 GB RAM, OS Ventura 13.6.1

Does this problem still occur with the latest update 5.0, which was released today?
Yes, I installed the 5.0.1 version directly

With which music sources does this problem occur? Locally stored, Tidal, SC, etc.?
This error occurs for me with both local MP3 and Beatport tracks

I hope I was able to help!


Thanks for the swift reply!

Our teams would like to find out if there underlying pattern to the issue.

You mentioned that this issue occurs with only some tracks. Are the tracks in question linked to your library via Beatport as well as in MP3 format on your device’s local storage?

If so, do the cue points load properly for one track (e.g. local) but not for the other (e.g. Beatport)?

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The local songs (MP3) are stored on an external HDD.
I have the Beatport tracks in my library (playlist), but not offline.
Unfortunately, I cannot recognize a pattern. Local MP3s and Beatport “links” have the same problem. I estimate that 1 in 20 tracks is affected.

This is an example of what the cue points on all my tracks look like now,
They are all slightly off and l just need to correct them as l load them l guess.

@maurizio_T thats actually THE problem. I do not set cue points based on the grid but rather where I can create a big effect playing dancehall and reggae exclusively. Some of my cue points literally cue up spoken dialogue and spoken greetings and chants in dancehall tracks that I would exploit as a type of instant sampler that if timed right creates a buzz in these dance halls. My next big gig is Christmas Day in Jamaica and if they have been reset them I have to go fix them before then. It seems like algorithm engineers have no dj-ing experience cuz they do not create back doors or workarounds to these problems because they don’t seem to anticipate them. Not good! I’ll prob just have to restore my iPadOS back to the version I backed up before updating, which had the old djay v 4, before traveling to Jamaica

Oh I see, well yes in that case that’s definitely not ideal for you…
It would also be good if there was an easy option to roll back an update though…

As the new beatgridding engine knows exactly where the beats are, it could easily snap existing cue points to nearest beat. It could be a manual action, or it could be done automatically when re-analyzing a track for the first time in 5.0.

@NathanielAlgo , could you please suggest this to the dev team?

I have a similar problem here, but I guess it’s not really easy to solve either.
In connection with the new changes at Tidal, I have also considered switching to Soundcloud, as I’m sure many others have. After transferring a few playlists, I noticed that the cue points have shifted slightly. Of course, I would also like to avoid having to reset all the cue points, apart from the fact that I noticed that many tracks are not even available on Soundcloud.

Hi @Chris_R this, unfortunately, is expected behaviour when switching between streaming services or when changing the streaming quality of your existing service.