Cue point times

When you do a cue point, it puts the time elapsed. Could it be a feature to have 3 option. Time Elapsed, Time remaining, or both.
Your default is already time elapsed, so it should be easy to set the other two as options. Currently I place a cue at the first vocal (red) and last vocal (green) . For the last vocal I want to see how long it is before the end of the track so I have edit it, each time.

Hi @David_Bielby,

Thank you for your post and suggestion!

This is an interesting idea and I will be sure to pass this along to our development team for future consideration!

In addition, if other users also feel these features would be helpful, we encourage them to vote on this topic thread so we have a better idea of the interest of others in our community.

Thanks again for your patience and your support!