Cue points and analyzed songs not syncronised

I just installed Djay on my new iPad Air 2024. I already have Djay installed on my Windows tablet, my Android phone, and another older model iPad. Why doesn’t it synchronize my cue points and analyzed songs across all my devices?

Thanks in advance, Illya

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Hi @illya_kroon,

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At this time, djay does not sync cue points across devices; however, our engineering team is aware that this is a feature request many would like to see implemented into our product line.

Feel free to post about this in our community’s Suggestions category.

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Your cue-points should be synchronized between your ios and apple devices if you use iCloud sync on Djay Pro. It works for me, when I create a cue point on my iPad, it automatically syncs on the same playlist on the Mac. But, i use iCloud.
But it will not work between Windows and Apple devices.