Cue points and BPM's don't sync across devices

how do I sync the Cue points and BPM analysis between DJ Pro on the Mac and DJ Pro on an iPad? I bought both thru their respective app stores and have enabled iCloud Drive (including docs & data) on all, but when I load a playlist that had previously been analyzed in DJ Pro on the mac, the iPad version didn’t have any of the BPM’s or Cue’s…

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Are all devices connected via the same Apple ID?

Thank you in advance.
Lukas E.

Thank you for this clarification. Could you please try to set some Cue points now, it should work after…

  1. being connected to the same Apple ID
  2. using the same file ( perfect would be if the file was purchased via the iTunes Store)
  3. having iCloud/iDrive activated

Please let us know if the Cue Points still aren’t synchronised.
Also please note that I forwarded your issue internally, we are looking into the Cuepoint synchronisation.

Lukas E.

yes they are. And I’m signed in to iCloud on all of them. My Apple “match” service works fine, and I’ve downloaded the songs/playlists that I’m working with so they’re not in the cloud (i.e. each device has a local copy).