Cue points as loops in djay Pro for iPad

Ok, so we all know that we cant store loops as hot cues.

Thats fine. In djay Pro for MacOS (and previous incarnations of djay 2 for iOS) there was the following trick that worked:

set a cue on the first downbeat of a the bar where you want a loop to start.

let the song continue and once it passed the cue activate the loop at the desired length (so it starts on the 2nd or 3th beat of the part you want to loop)

now on the first downbeat of the next bar press the cue.

The loop will stay activated at the length you had set but will now start from the cue and ends at the length you desire.

I use this “traveling loop” principle quiet often

but with djay Pro for iPad (im not sure how it is on iphone) when you press a cue the loop is deactivated. so no more semi stored or travelling loops.

And I only found out last (NYE eve) night during a gig because the CDJ’s I was working on were starting to act up so I used my iPad with djay (and thankfully djay 2 installed as well) as a back up.

Please give us back this function. Or (wishing out loud) give us saved loops.

Seems way to complicated for something that is just a easy and should be a standard feature if you are naming it pro software. Either they don’t want it or can’t implement it.