Cue Points Automatic - Manual

I have figured out how to add varied cue points to songs and I know there are keyboard shortcuts to jump to them as well as a quick button to put in up to three which is nice. When a song loads it should jump to that 1st cue point by default automatically. If there is no cue point then just the beginning of the song as it does already.

Hey Dave,
What do you mean by temp?

Hey Guys,
1st Cue point is actually the “Start Cue Point”, That’s where the song will start when
“Jump to Cue Point” is Checked in Settings/General/Song Loading.
There are actually 2 white Cue Points, Yes! 2.
The first one is the “Start”
The second is the “End” Must be an easter egg.
There isn’t even a button for it, Wait! To create an End Cue Point isn’t even possible on IOS!
You need the Mac…Not sure on Windows.

Deck 1= To Set: Option+T
To go to: T
Deck 2= To Set: Option+Y
To go to: Y

“Start Cue Point” is at the bottom right of your photo.
“Set” and “Go To” (White Arrow).

Those 3 other Cue Points Could be anywhere else You’d like.

Hey Dave,
That Start Cue Point is not only for automix,
Song will load at that point when it loads.

Sorry, but I’m still confused about Temp.
There’s no Temp Cue.

Well it does say Temporary…but

I’m simply trying to help Marcus.

This is already checked in my preferences but still not working. See my picture. The red arrow is my cue point I have set but when it loads it goes to the beginning. Just want it to go to my first set point.

This is already an option. See “Automatically jump to start point” option within preferences menu. I am not a 100% fan of how it performs but point is the option exists already.

Have to set temp cue at first cue point once and it will always remember it. This is why I said not my fav behavior but it does work.

What you are showing is options for auto mix. To have the song/s load at first cue load song and set to desired spot the click the temp cue botton (not hot cue) and the song will automatically load at that spot from now on as long as option is selected within menu.

While I am not a 100% fan of the function it is a hell of a lot easier than what you all of that. While YES they will work that is way overkill for what is being discussed here. As a side note the temp cue concept is nothing new and has been around since the first DJ CD players… just sayin :slight_smile: but even if not known it is always best to read the manual…


“Cue set button. Sets a temporary cue point”…

I can’t participate in this any longer. The facts are there. Use them … or not.

Are you kidding? Is this the way it really works?

Hello guys, I would appreciate help on this topic. I’m using DJ Pro on Windows 10. I have set cue points for some songs in a playlist, expecting that the song would automatically start at the first cue point, but this doesn’t happen.

Any help much appreciated.