Cue Points Did Not Transfer from Djay Pro to Djay Pro 2 (Mac)

I can’t remember if I purchased DJP from the website (it has been so long), but I have recently purchased and downloaded DJP2 because it supported my new controller. When I opened the program for the first time, it recognized my controller (hurray!) but noticed that all the cue points that I’ve worked on over the years did not transfer over. Is there a file or something that I need to copy over?


I moved Djay Pro 2 into the Applications folder and when I opened it this time it asked if I wanted to import. The box specifically said “press import to send my data to DP2” I did that but the cue points did not transfer over.

I can trigger the import dialogue box every time I delete the DJP2 Folder from the My Music folder, but the cues for my Spotify songs never show up.