Cue Points from Rekordbox

cue points from rekordbox, That would be nice!

@Johan_Rosenberg if you have a Mac, DJCU can convert your Rekorbox library including cue points over the djay Pro AI.


There are some other apps too, like Rekordcloud, Mixo and Lexicon DJ, but I havenโ€™t used these before so canโ€™t personally vouch for them.


If you are using the iOS version of DJay, it reads the Serato hotcues. You can sync rekordbox to Serato using lexicon. Then any tracks you transfer to your iOS device, will have your rekordbox hotcues.


This video may be helpful. (Warning: Itโ€™s a bit long-winded)


The current version of DJCU does NOT support djay Pro 5.0, it works fine with djay Pro AI 4.0

That is correct. I shared the link above before djay Pro 5 was released. However, DJCU recently released a beta version where it does work with djay Pro 5, so Iโ€™m guessing is will be available soon:

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One of these days, DJCU will have a windows port, hopefully.

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