Cue Points

In many cases I have the same song in multiple song lists. It is how I like to organize. I have found that when I set cue points on a song it is only that specific song in that song list. If I pull up the same titled song in a different song list the cue points are not there. The cue points are there for the song in the other song list. Is there any way to have the software save the cue points for all the same songs in all playlists? I hope this makes sense. If it doesn’t let me try this. I set cue points for “in da club” in my “hip hop” song list. “In da club” in my “party” song list does not have the cue points. Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi Richie,

Do you have duplicate songs in your library?

Please select “Show Duplicate Items” from the “View” menu and check.