Cue sound leaking into master channel

Windows 10 Laptop
Original splitter cable
Pioneer DDJ200

Everything pretty much works as it should, with one weird thing.
I’m having a weird issues where the sound from the pre-cue channel on the headphones is also playing on the master output channel on a low volume and vice versa for the cue channel (even though pre-cuing is fully set to cue and not on mix)
If had tried to fix this on multiple occasions but haven’t managed yet so far.

Any pointers to as why this could be? It seems like the signal isn’t properly split into two mono signals.

Have you tried turning off cue altogether and see if you still get sound bleed?

If you do it’s more likely to be the crossfader isn’t fully cutting off the other channel.

I used to get bleed from deck 2 into deck 1 on my old Numark FX Platinum but not the other way…

Turned out it was the crossfader playing up.

Might be worth checking it’s not the hardware at fault before trying to diagnose the software.


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