Cue/Start/End Points for Mac

Hi guys. I’m just starting to get started using the DJay software for my Mac, and haven’t found any tutorials or help files or anything for these related questions.

First, how exactly do the starting cue points work? Because when I set one on a track, and then I double click that track or drag it onto one of the decks, the track starts from the beginning and not from the start cue point. On a related note, is there a way to manually add a track to a deck without it automatically starting to play?

Second question - I saw in somebody else’s post a moderator or someone said that DJay for Mac now supports end cue points? What version did that get included in, because I have 4.2.1 and have not seen that feature anywhere. Am I missing something obvious? It would be incredibly helpful to have an end point marker for automixing.

Thank you!

Hi James,

(1) Please open “Preferences” from the “djay” menu and go to “General”. There you can enable “Automatically jump to cue point” and disable “Automatically start playing”.

(2) End points have been supported for a long time and it’s definitely in your version. To set an end point, select “Table 1” (or 2) menu and go to “Cue Points” > “Set End Point”. On this note, you should enable “Use start/end points…” in the Automix settings. You should also probably know that end points only work for Automix.

End points are currently not supported on iOS, sorry.

I am using an IPad . Can I change/set end points on it?

That’s a real shame as it makes the cue function slightly irrelevant. I hope this will be corrected some time in the future meaning I and many others can then play a selection of songs with no gaps and long silences in between as is the case at the moment.

I totally agree! I hope they make an end point cue so I can play automix and it will flow to the next song without the few songs of silence before it plays the other deck.