Cueing doesn't work on Denon MC4000 / DJay Pro / Windows

your site indicates native support for denon mc4000 on windows. when i plug in the denon mc4000 i get midi control and audio out, but cueing does not work. (referring to headphones, not setting cues.)

i have used djay pro with numark mixdeck quad in the past. when i plug that in, everything works straight away, including cueing.

please advise!

Update: I decided I could put up with using the Mixdeck with DJay Pro if it would let me do what I wanted to do. Unfortunately the Windows version of this software is extremely buggy, doesn’t matter the controller if you have spent any time on these boards. The Windows version is not ready for prime time and I will not be back until there is a major update. Consider yourself warned!

I occasionally use DJay on iOS, which works flawlessly and hasn’t crashed. The Windows version has so many problems - it really should not have been released, or at the very least Algoriddim should have limited their list of natively supported controllers to ones where the experience is as good as users of iOS version would expect. I just assumed it would be and it is nowhere close to the same thing. There are A LOT of bugs and they know about them. From the moment of plugging my controllers in I was trying to figure out why they weren’t working right, what workarounds I could use (I really wanted it to work) and eventually after spending a bunch of time trying things and reading this forum, I came to the conclusion that the software is basically beta. I will be back if they release a solid Windows version. (Or maybe buy a Mac - that’s how bad I want to gig with this.)

I tryed that with my Behringer-controler. What only happend for mw was that one of the master channels (light or left) was routed via pre-cue. :frowning:

I have finnaly got pre-cueing to work on my Behringer. This when I had a new laptop and forgot to install the Behringer drivers, and directly installed DJay… by accident . :slight_smile:
One prerequisite though, the controller need to have a 4 channel soundcard, which Behringer have.
Otherwise the only lame sollution seems to be bying the split cable, and live with mono sound. :frowning:

So Tim, you are saying the if you uninstall the drivers then the software works properly? Then does this mean that the MC4000 can not be used to run DJay pro? I am not clear on if you are uninstalling them and re installing them or what you have done to get it working?

I guess I will try to uninstall the drivers and reinstall them. Thank you for your comment :slight_smile:

Did some tweaking last night and uninstalled my drivers for the 4000. Tim is correct, the mapping comes to life without the drivers.
I experienced what Tim is saying about not being able to change the buffer size. Playing just music seems clear but if using effects or loops it gets muddy.
Other down side is when I am using my other softwares (Serato and Traktor) I have to re-install the drivers. So it is either or.

Just a thought, maybe if you uninstall the drivers for the mixdeck like I did for the 4000 it will behave as intended. It might be worth a try.

You have to turn on the Split Headphone mode in the audio perferences settings. I did this, and the cue lights came right on. Hope this helps!

I just purchased Algorythm DJ today for the same reason. I would like someone to map the cue headphone monitor appropriately… At the very least the same support as on Mac for the MC4000.

What worked for me was uninstalling official Denon MC4000 drivers. The MIDI mapping seems to have been done for the controller without it’s drivers. This causes crackling issues and I can’t increase the buffer size withtout the MC4000 drivers installed.