Cueing Problem Please Help

Okay Im Using The Djay Splitter DJ Cable. When Your Next Song Is Cued You Can Listen To It Through Your Head Phones On Deck 2 That Works Great My Problem Is before Djay Version 1.1.1 Came out I could Listen Also Through My Library Cues Through Head Phones I Cant Do That Anymore In The Library You Can Either Put It In Your Queue or Listen To It On The Fly through your head phones While Your Main Song Is Still Playing Well That Option Don’t Work Anymore And It Was A Great Option Listen To Multi Songs Without having it in deck 2 now i have to put the song in deck 2 just to listen what i want to play next i DJ this weekend i would like this option to work i just hear a lot of static in the head phones when playing from library like its trying to work does anyone know how to fix please

I’m sorry, this is a known problem we are already working on. We kindly ask for your patience until we have fixed it.