Cueing problems on idj pro when pressing the cue button multiple times

With a primary cue point set when i press the cue button repeatedly the cue point mysteriously moves. This gets repositioned if i reload the track (pre set cue point) or for a new ly set cue point I set a second cue point (using one of the 3 additinal cue buttons) and then return to the origoinal primary cue point.

Makes it difficult to trust the cueing on idj pro. I’m running djay 1.6.2 on ipad2 with ios 6.0.1

Hi Nick,

Thanks for reporting this. Can you please verify if this issue also occurs with the latest version of djay for iPad (1.6.3)? This update also contains a firmware upgrade for the iDJ Pro.

oh ok :slight_smile:

I can confirm that this still happens to me with the latest updates. I usually have to reload the track to correct.

I will get back to you after I’ve upgraded - which is dependant on my other question re Mono output…

I am using VJay app on the Ipad2 and IDJaypro and having the same problem with
not hearing audio on my headphones and using AppleTV and loosing sync on the
video is there any kind of a fix ??

unsure of these products which i all ready purchased.