Cueing up tracks on an ipad

I have been using an iPad + Numark DJ2Go2 Touch as my controller/UI, but have recently started wondering about going more lightweight on the whole controller front - the iPad touch screen is fine 99% of the time for me, which just leaves a couple of areas …

  1. Crossfader. There’s something l like about a hardware crossfader
  2. Previewing tracks in headphones.

The first - I’m looking with flirtatious eyes at the MixFader. Seems ideal for my purposes - Mixfader, the first portable crossfader

Which leaves the headphones business. What’s the most lightweight method of achieving this? Is there some kind of soundcard type thing I can plug in to an iPad? Or can I get it to split the audio some other way?

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Hi @Algy_Taylor, you could use a DJ headphone splitter cable. Native Instruments makes one, plus there are some generic options available on Amazon.

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