CUEING works only for 5 sec.

If I try to cue with my 2 firewire soundcards the music will be only for 5 sec. Than the volume is going down and distortion is coming up. It is not depending from the soundcard. No differnece between both !!
After selecting the card and the outputs again in the preferences it will work again for some seconds.

Any Idea ?


Hi Heiko,

Which sound card are you using? Does this also happen when you just use one sound card?

OK, thanks.

When you tested one external sound card + built-in, which one did you use for main output?

Hi Heiko,

So sorry for the very late reply. Thanks for giving this thread another bump.

Generally speaking, this issue seems to occur more likely when you combine multiple audio devices. So, this can be avoided when you just use ONE multi-channel audio device. Does your sound card support 2 stereo channels? If yes, please try using it for both main and pre-cueing output.

Hi Warren ,

I use the Terratec phase24fw and the Phonic Firefly 302 .
I tested with only one Fw connection as well.
It happens every time if i try to cue. I have also tested the built-in sound card - always the same. It starts with music than the volume goes down and the - distortion like an old telephone line.

I use also GarageBand, Ardour and Audacity with no problems.
A test with Mixxx and Virtual DJ was without the problems on cueing.


I tested with built in as main or the external as main.

So , more than one month without a solution or an answer.
Will change my mind from a good software to a bad - service company.
Delete the app and go back to RadioLogik .

Thanks for support !