Cues in Sync with Beat and Tempo

@Algoriddim is it possible to implement cues to snap and play in sync with beat during playback with the tempo?

I want to quantize the cues with the current beat. At least this is how Serato calls this function. Currently, if you recall a cue point, while a song is playing your timing must be perfect to hit the cue at the precise time in the beat. There are other software that added a “quantize” function so that you do not have to be precise in hitting the, button. It quantizes in time and makes the cue play in time.

Please refer to this video regarding this feature as used in other software. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Can these features please be added to future updates. I’m not talking about a “Serato Flip”, although that would be great, I mean just playing the cue in time with the beat, or quantize.…

Hi there,

do you want to loop these Cues or simply play them manually?

Thank you in advance.
Lukas E.

That would be so helpful!